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Palesa Pads / Misavan ya Mañana




Reusable menstrual pads for girls in community centres


200 reusable menstrual pads could be donated
Palesa Pads / Misavan ya Mañana

Recently, in partnership with the organisation Misava ya Mañana, we empowered 200 female students in local community centers in Johannesburg by sponsoring Flo Kits from Palesa Pads. Many girls in South Africa miss 3-5 days of school each month because they cannot afford sanitary pads. Through this Misava ya Mañana wanted to inject self-esteem into the girls and tell them that they are valued, worthy and matter. Their team consisted of motivational speakers speaking to girls and boys respectively about GBV and different kinds of harassment and abuse they might be facing. Misava ya Mañana strives to help each girl reach their full potential. Palesa Reusable Sanitary Pads provide a sustainable solution for up to 5 years which is a girl’s high school career. The tremendous savings on sanitary products contribute to the financial well-being of their families. Palesa Pads are also better for the environment in that they do not contribute to landfill as is the case with disposable pads. The pads are simply washed and reused each month. This sustainable solution tackles multiple social issues and most importantly, give the girls dignity and an opportunity to complete their schooling without missing class. Do you know of a school that needs help? Please get in contact or why not run your own project to #KeepAGirlChildInSchool, we would love to help with Godly Transformation. For more info on Palesa Pads:

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