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Jeffreys Bay


Therapy services include hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy for children.


To see God’s desired intent for each individual and be a conduit of his healing and restoration in their lives.

Two qualified occupational therapists from Jeffreys bay are venturing into a new adventure. Anne and Karlien believe that Occupational therapy is a God-given platform to serve and disciple the families of Jeffreys Bay.

In their own words: We want to see the secular-sacred divide removed in the therapy world and trust the Holy Spirit to lead us in righteous execution that will please God. We want to utilize the opportunity this platform creates to speak biblical truth and facilitate processes in the lives of our clients with the end goal of encountering Jesus as the ultimate purpose in their lives. We believe God has promised healing through the program and we trust that each one who partakes will receive healing in spirit, body and/or soul.

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Monday – Friday
09:00 – 16:00
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