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Helderberg Basin, Cape Town


The Identity issues in the youth’s lives in these disadvantaged schools and communities are, and to establish strong biblical foundations for who God say they are and their bigger purpose as followers of Christ.


To answer God’s commission to make disciples, develop Godly character and equip them for the work of the ministry.

At Strong Schools Community Collaboration they lay down Biblical foundations through strategic relationship building, so that we can effectively reach & disciple Gr 6 & 7 learners.

After School using school facilities of Heidelberg Basin area.
Schools offer the potential to reach & enable much more young people with no cost for facilities
Discipleship small groups – How to be strong ambassadors of God’s Kingdom rule & Lordship in their lives
Biblical Life Skills small groups to equip the youth for better decision making in live
Godly Character development. Based on Habits & Attitudes principles in our Leadership investments to the prefects in 4 schools to create hope for our nation as well as to nations. We will advance the Kingdom of God by investing resources such as: Calling, time, gifting & skills – in serving the youth so that they can have:
Create opportunities towards an Encounter with God, Engage culture and community, Establish them in Biblical Foundations, Equip them for ministry, Empower disciples to make disciples.
This will keep impacting generations of different cultures to live for God’s Kingdom purposes.

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