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Beats and Books


Jeffrey’s Bay


Sponsorship for stationary and food for children that are part of the after-school program


Children attending the afterschool program can enjoy a nutritious snack and focus on their academics, music lessons and can continue to be discipled to become leaders in their community
Beats and Books

Beats and books is an educational initiative based in Jeffrey’s Bay. Through this educational program they teach children musical instruments, help them with homework and reading skills and run a feeding scheme. Beats and books is an extremely interactive program with volunteers from all over the world coming to help make a lasting impact in the children’s lives. A big part of the DNA of Beats and Books is discipleship. There is a big focus on teaching children about having a relationship with God and including Him in day-to-day activities. Through your generous contributions we have been able to contribute towards the stationary and nutritional needs of Beats and Books for the rest of the year! This enables them to continue running their program smoothly. Their work and ministry within the developing community of Pelsrus has inspired us and will continue to do so as they selflessly give their time and skills to develop a better community and ultimately South Africa!

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Monday – Friday
09:00 – 16:00
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